Until now, sports flooring options that could handle heavy bleachers and equipment meant sacrificing appearance, accepting higher maintenance costs, and sometimes compromising sports performance. That was before Tarkett Sports developed Omnisports HPL. Now you can have an easy-to-clean surface with Class 1 or Class 2 shock absorption and beautiful wood grain patterns, all while withstanding point loads of up to 500 psi. As an alternative to rubber surfaces, Omnisports HPL can turn a merely functional space into an eye-catching court that does not compromise aestheticsContact a Sales Associate in your area for pricing

1 – Performance Protection: Omnisports’ TopClean xp™ surface treatment provides easy maintenance with no stripping; protection against scratches and easy removal of sole marks; and optimal surface friction for safety.

2 – Compact 2.0 mm Surface: Compact 2.0 mm is the Omnisports surface without the cushioned backing. It has multiple PVC layers, a fiberglass mesh, and matching colors and patterns to other Omnisports floors.

3 – Time-Saving Pore Sealer: Omnisports HPL’s base layer has a preapplied pore sealer, which would otherwise be applied on site. This saves installation time and allows uniform adhesion of the surface layer.

4 – High Point Load Protection: Omnisports HPL’s high-density base mat is available in 5 mm, and 7 mm thicknesses. Omnisports HPL’s high-density 5mm base mat provides Class 1 shock absorption, while Omnisports HPL’s high-density 7mm base mat provides Class 2 shock absorption. Both options can withstand point loads as high as 500 psi.

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